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Thyroid-related genes

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This dataset is part of the supplementary materials of the following publication:

Lucia Vergauwen, Jenna E. Cavallin, Gerald T. Ankley, ChloƩ Bars, Isabelle J. Gabriƫls, Ellen D.G. Michiels, Krysta R. Nelson, Jelena Periz-Stanacev, Eric C. Randolph, Serina L. Robinson, Travis W. Saari, Anthony L. Schroeder, Evelyn Stinckens, Joe Swintek, Steven Van Cruchten, Evy Verbueken, Daniel L. Villeneuve, Dries Knapen. 2018. Gene transcription ontogeny of thyroid-axis development in early-life stage fathead minnow and zebrafish. General and comparative endocrinology 266: 87-100.